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5 Reasons to Shop at Farmer’s Markets

From meeting your local farmers with the freshest produce to giving your body the proper full nutrition, there are countless reasons to shop at a farmer’s market.

Number 1: Support local economy and family farmers

  • - Puts money directly back into your community
  • - The more we support local farmers, the more they flourish
  • - Buying directly gives farmers better return for their produce and helps them in the global economy

Number 2: Protect the environment

  • - On average, food travels approximately 1,500 miles to get to your door
  • - Conventional agriculture uses many more resources that pollute water, land, and air with toxic products
  • - Local agriculture reduces those toxins as well as reduces trash by eliminating extra packaging

Number 3: Enjoy variety and freshness

  • - Usually get produce less than 24 hours after harvesting
  • - Items that are not artificially “forced” or “restrained” from reaching ripeness will taste better and fresher
  • - Try different fruits or vegetables that you have never seen before! Farmers are happy to let you try their harvest before purchase

Number 4: Nourish yourself

  • - Fresh produce has highest nutritional value
  • - Most store produce is highly processed and grown using pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and genetic modification
  • - Protect your body by knowing the sustainable techniques used by local farmers

Number 5: Engage with your community – have fun!

  • - Fun and educational for whole family
  • - Get to know members of your local community
  • - Experience a taste of small town life and feel connected to the world around you!

Check to see if your licensed local farmer’s market accepts SNAP benefits or Double Up Food Bucks! Both programs are made for low-income individuals so they can buy fresh local produce as well.

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